Potion Bottles

Attention heroes and legends!

Don't let yourself run low on health or magic. These bottles are perfect for holding the potions vital to your survival. Great accent pieces for LARP and cosplaying costumes.

Not too small (these are not the tiny, jewelry-size bottles you often see) and not too big (with a height of ~ 5 inches), they can easily be carried around without becoming cumbersome. The belt loop is designed to slide right onto a belt or hung on a hook as decoration. The belt loop is made from 8/9 oz leather (i.e. the same thickness as leather belts) and is finished with a rivet, firmly holding its cargo with a lobster claw clasp for easy access. The belt loop will fit belts with widths of up to 3" - Send us a message with your order if you require a longer loop size (up to 7").

The thick-walled bottles are dressed up using nickel silver twisted wires that have been soldered to the bottle, giving it a delicate, unique chainmail look.  Comes with an aged cork for that authentic renaissance look.  We have created a beautiful product that is both functional and will probably survive its owner. Don't head into medieval times without yours !

Note that the bottle is shipped empty and that the dye is not provided. Includes everything seen on the photos (except the dye and potion).