About US


"There is no love sincerer than the love of food"                            

                                                                                                        George Bernard Shaw


....and that's how our adventure started: Fresh ingredients,  a glass of wine, good company, relaxed ambiance.

We noticed early on the appeasing effect of candlelight on our mood and conversations (with even our teenagers joining in!).  Candlelight supper became a fact of life in the household.

After years of using wax candles, we were introduced to liquid paraffin candles. Not to sure if it was their clean flame or their beauty but we were hooked. Unfortunately, when we wanted to add to what was by then a candle collection (close to 15 years had gone by after all) we learned that our candle maker had retired. What could we do?  We couldn't find what we wanted anywhere. With some help from our now retired candle maker, we started making them ourselves. We still are candle lovers but now we also enjoy creating and crafting them.

It is the pleasure of transforming glass and metal into useful objects, the fun of hunting for beautiful components, the inspiration that comes from searching and learning and seeing what we can achieve that make our days pleasurable.

We focus on details. Creating beautiful, practical objects made to be used a lifetime. We are and will always remain a small artisan shop. We feel very fortunate doing what we do. 

We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we do.